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Welcoming the new chaplain

| Oct 17, 2018, in Features, In Focus, King's Briefs | 0 comments

Several months ago, Father Gary Thorne retired as chaplain of the University of King’s College. Thorne’s presence was felt and heard throughout the King’s community, whether he was cheering on varsity sports...

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What love is!

| Oct 16, 2018, in Arts & Culture, Features, In Focus | 0 comments

“Not what love does. Not what love was. What love is!” said actor Stewart Légère during the performance of Pop Up Love Party this past Wednesday in Prince Hall. King’s has hosted the Pop Up Love Party for four...

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Life after J-school

| Oct 15, 2018, in Features, In Focus, Opinions | 0 comments

Being a young journalist in Halifax is hard. Damn hard. Salaried jobs are...

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“I don’t want to live in a world that’s underwater”

and | Oct 14, 2018, in City, News | 0 comments

On Thursday Oct. 4, King’s student Lily Barraclough addressed Halifax’s...

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Cannabis on campus: King’s guidelines changing Oct. 17

| Oct 1, 2018, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

“I’m less concerned with a bong on display within the privacy of one’s room...

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Those boots are made for walking: 5 ways to get off campus this fall

| Sep 25, 2018, in City, Features, In Focus | 0 comments

As summer turns to fall, it’s easy to find reasons to hole up in your dorm...

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News breakdown: Sept. 16 – 22

| Sep 23, 2018, in News | 0 comments

  International The Syrian government accidentally shot down a Russian...

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Soap Opera’s back at the Wardy

| Sep 21, 2018, in Arts & Culture, Features, In Focus | 0 comments

Who hasn’t starred in a soap opera? Water spouts onto a head of sudsy hair;...

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