Watch board of publishers: (unofficial) minutes from Oct. 14, 2016

These are unofficial minutes from the October 14 meeting of the Watch board of publishers. There was not an official minute-taker at the meeting so minutes were summarized at a later date. 

Unofficial Overview of Events for Meeting 1 (Board of Publishers)

Watch Board of Publishers

Friday, October 14th, 2016, 4:00PM

Shatford Room (2nd floor A&A)


Voting Members Present:

Zoe Brimacombe

John Sandham

Fadila Chater


Non-Voting Members Present

Maddie Johnson

Charlotte Sullivan



Lianne Xiao

Piper MacDougall


Call to order


The chair recognizes that the meeting is taking place on unceded traditional Mi’Kmaq territory.


  1. Adoption of Agenda

The agenda is adopted as circulated.

  1. Oral Reports of Board Members

2.1 Publisher’s Report

John Sandham says things have been going well so far this year. He talks about insurance, advertising, and the fact that many of the Watch executive are considering attending the Canadian University Press national conference, being held in January in Fredericton. He also says the Watch is launching a new website, that was designed over the summer. All the executive is very excited about this change.

2.2 Treasurer’s Report

John Sandham, speaking on behalf of Maddie Johnson, who just assumed the position of treasurer earlier in the week, explains that the Watch is in a strong financial position. They are receiving new funding through advertisements. Now that they have hired a treasurer, they are working on paying all outstanding debts to contributors as well as CUP and website fees.

2.3 Financial Vice-President’s Report

2.4 Reports from Members at Large

Fadila Chater, who is the only Member at Large present at this meeting, has nothing to report.

  1. Special Orders

3.1 Election of Professional Media Representative and Faculty Representative to the Board.

John Sandham explains that this item will come forward at the second board meeting of the semester, as talks with different candidates are ongoing.

He mentions Adrian Lee as someone who has served as Professional Media Representative in the past.

3.2 BIRT the King’s Students’ Union Fall Watch Levy of $ 5,598.00 be released to the Watch Executive.

Zoe Brimacombe moves this item and explains that each King’s student pays into this levy. John Sandham explains some of the things that the levy covers each year within the financial workings of the Watch.
Motion passes.

  1. Discussion Items
    • Financial Update

John Sandham reiterates that the magazine is in a strong financial position. They have more left over from the previous year than they thought they would, and the executive is open to having discussions with the board about what to do with this money.

  • Advertising Update

There are now ads in the Watch, which is both exciting and a new source of funding.

4.3. Insurance Update

John Sandham explains that the Watch now has media liability insurance. This is something all reputable publications have, as it ensures they will not be financially decimated if there was ever a libel or slander suit brought against them.

  • New Funding Avenues

John Sandham says this is something that can be discussed when the professional media representative and faculty representatives have been elected to the board.

  • Design Review

The Board goes over the September issue of the Watch and discusses the design. People seem content with it.

  1. New Business

There is no new business for the Board.

  1. Adjournment