Just keep swimming

| Jan 8, 2016, in News | Comments Off on Just keep swimming

As we all return to our favourite snow-covered city (or just continue to exist here as many of our fellow students do) we may find the...

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OPINION: Dismantling the divide

| Nov 25, 2015, in Op-Eds, Opinions | 1 comment

To continue my trend of pointing out issues I have come across in our community it is time to point out another: the false dichotomy and...

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Misusing trigger warnings

| Nov 1, 2015, in News, Op-Eds, Opinions | Comments Off on Misusing trigger warnings

I often start by saying what I’m saying and then explaining what I’m not. Today I’m going to do the opposite so you don’t get your...

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Do I honestly need a doctor’s note?

| Mar 17, 2015, in In Focus, Op-Eds, Opinions | 2 comments

Recently I have been quite ill. Luckily, I have very understanding professors who want me to be healthy and succeed. This good will,...

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Sincerely, a T’d off driver

| Feb 17, 2015, in In Focus, Opinions | Comments Off on Sincerely, a T’d off driver

As both a driver and a pedestrian, I have noticed some alarming trends on the streets of our fine city. I have almost been hit at marked...

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Library etiquette

| Dec 1, 2014, in In Focus, Op-Eds, Opinions | Comments Off on Library etiquette

It’s getting to that time of year where the handful of students who have been using the library since September are joined by hoards of...

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I am not an athlete

| Oct 10, 2014, in In Focus, Op-Eds, Opinions | 1 comment

I am not an athlete. I wouldn’t even say I’m anything close to athletic. Most sports scare me. I’m uncoordinated. I am not an athlete. I...

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Displaced students expose res-day student divide

| Feb 24, 2014, in Op-Eds | 1 comment

We’ve been told over and over that there is no divide in our community between day students and residence students. It’s not true. How can...

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