Meet the new registrar

| Sep 7, 2015, in Features, News, Profiles | Comments Off on Meet the new registrar

On Aug. 31, Julie Green began her first day as registrar at the University of King’s College. Green climbed the stone steps of the...

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Vegan robes

| Apr 20, 2015, in Features | 1 comment

On May 14, King’s graduates will don their academic robes and hoods, and will be conferred at the Cathedral of All Saints, bagpipes...

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Security changes continue

| Mar 17, 2015, in In Focus, News | Comments Off on Security changes continue

Haven’t recognized the familiar faces of Northeastern Security around campus in a while? There’s a good reason: they’ve been replaced. In...

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King’$ comes up $hort

| Nov 15, 2014, in Features, News | Comments Off on King’$ comes up $hort

When a university faces a $1.1 million deficit and $5 million in debt, what measures should be taken? For King’s, the fix won’t be all...

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Sakuntala to be one of the most elaborate Classics productions yet

| Oct 3, 2014, in Arts & Culture | Comments Off on Sakuntala to be one of the most elaborate Classics productions yet

Classics will be taking place at 6 p.m. Saturday to account for for the colder weather and earlier sunset. Kalidasa’s Sakuntala and the...

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Security shifts

| Sep 13, 2014, in News | Comments Off on Security shifts

Patrol is seeing changes this year as its budget is being cut in half and making room for a new security service. Down from $124,000 to...

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