Response and Prevention

and | Nov 3, 2019, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

Since the Board of Governors has approved the new Sexualized Violence Policy the implementation process has been slow. With Jordan Roberts...

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Welcome Jordan!

| Oct 29, 2019, in News | 0 comments

Jordan Roberts, the first Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Officer (SVPRO) at King’s, says, “There has been a lot in my life...

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Dude… It’s natural

| Apr 9, 2019, in In Focus, Opinions | Comments Off on Dude… It’s natural

Periods are taboo. Blood is coming out of someone’s body. They are disgusting. They can be abundant. They can be small. They can last for...

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Stick it to ya

| Apr 5, 2019, in Arts & Culture, News | Comments Off on Stick it to ya

Your local tattoo shop might not be using a pen and ink to give tattoos, but someone on your campus might be. They’re called...

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That’s a rap

| Dec 14, 2018, in Arts & Culture, In Focus, News, Profiles | Comments Off on That’s a rap

King’s is filled with talents. I.M.Purity, also known as Ben Allingham, is one of them. The rapper is releasing his first album on January...

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Hatt’s off, to you!

| Oct 23, 2018, in Features, In Focus, Profiles | Comments Off on Hatt’s off, to you!

Katie Merwin and the University of King’s College have had a close relationship since move-in day of 2007. Their love story started when...

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What love is!

| Oct 16, 2018, in Arts & Culture, Features, In Focus | Comments Off on What love is!

“Not what love does. Not what love was. What love is!” said actor Stewart Légère during the performance of Pop Up Love Party this past...

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