The old and the new editors

, and | Apr 23, 2017, in Editors' Blog | 0 comments

It’s been a great year King’s. Through all the ups and downs this year, I’m really proud of the position that the Watch...

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Access Denied

| Apr 4, 2017, in Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

If you’ve strolled around campus lately, you likely didn’t have trouble getting around. But for those who don’t have the luxury of...

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It’s getting hot in here

| Mar 6, 2017, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

Here’s the reality: the University of King’s College is hurting for revenue. However, investments and campus improvement efforts are being...

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Concussed Campus: ‘You need to rest the brain’

| Feb 23, 2017, in Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

In recent years, concussion awareness and research has drastically increased, making the reality of the significance of brain injuries and...

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Bleeding Blue: UKC women’s volleyball program on the rise

| Nov 14, 2016, in Features, In Focus, News | 3,317 comments

The University of King’s College (UKC) women’s volleyball program just entered its third year of existence, but after getting a huge...

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Tuition fees are not a treat: Students prepare for day of action

| Oct 31, 2016, in City, In Focus, News | 0 comments

Wednesday, Nov. 2 will see students across Canada going all-out for free and accessible post-secondary education. According to Charlotte...

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FYP tuition hike defeated by unanimous decision

| Oct 21, 2016, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

Oct. 13, 2016 was a big day for the University of King’s College, as the school’s board of governors voted against a $1,000 tuition hike...

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