Is your tote bag killing you?

| Nov 12, 2018, in Features, In Focus | 0 comments

If you frequent the King’s campus, you’ve probably seen your fair share of tote bags emblazoned with various designs; they’re a popular...

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Dog of a preacher man

| Nov 2, 2018, in Features, In Focus | 0 comments

“You haven’t had so much fun in ages, have ya?” says Father Ingalls to a breathless and ecstatic bandana-wearing Finnegan, who’s lying at...

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October horoscopes!

| Oct 30, 2018, in Features, Horoscopes | 0 comments

Libra (September 23-October 22) So it’s your birthday month, eh? Bet that makes you feel pretty darn special. Well, as long as you’re...

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Get outside! September

| Oct 26, 2018, in Features | 0 comments

New students, welcome to Nova Scotia! Old students, welcome back! This year I’ve decided to dedicate some time to make sure that King’s...

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Dear Day Student: Advice for the day students among us

| Oct 24, 2018, in Features, In Focus, King's Briefs | 0 comments

Dear Day Student, ‘Tis the season of icebreakers, introductions, and even…. writing essays, which can be scary for everyone. Being a...

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Hatt’s off, to you!

| Oct 23, 2018, in Features, In Focus, Profiles | 0 comments

Katie Merwin and the University of King’s College have had a close relationship since move-in day of 2007. Their love story started when...

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