Introducing Moka – King’s has a new best friend

| Nov 21, 2017, in Features, In Focus | 0 comments

Everyone knows Casey the labradoodle, but there’s a new big dog on campus: Moka, owned by KSU Services and Campaigns Coordinator Michaela...

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King’s style guide

and | Nov 15, 2017, in Arts & Culture, City, Features, In Focus, King's Briefs | 0 comments

Before I came to King’s, I heard the jokes. Comments like, “you wear mom jeans? You’ll fit right in.” In my...

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First Nations short films cross the country, screen in Halifax

| Nov 8, 2017, in Arts & Culture, City, Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

The Wapikoni Cinema on Wheels is on a trip across Canada to shed light on Indigenous people’s personal realities. They stopped in Halifax...

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Halifax youth pave the way for child protection

| Oct 13, 2017, in City, Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

Over 51 different non–state actors around the world are using children to fight their wars and acts of terrorism, says Dustin Johnson....

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A Presidential year in review

| Apr 21, 2017, in Features | 0 comments

I had the opportunity to sit down with King’s President, Bill Lahey, to discuss his first year on campus. Here are some of his...

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Access Denied

| Apr 4, 2017, in Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

If you’ve strolled around campus lately, you likely didn’t have trouble getting around. But for those who don’t have the luxury of...

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