Food for sale

| Apr 2, 2017, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

Changes are on the way for food services at King’s. Before the academic year even began, the food services contract search committee was...

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Getting back on (tenure) track

| Mar 13, 2017, in News | 0 comments

The increased use of contract faculty is a currently widespread problem in North American universities, and King’s is not immune to it....

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Protestors rally against acquittal of Halifax cab driver

| Mar 8, 2017, in City, In Focus, News | 0 comments

Last week, Halifax taxi driver Bassam Al-Rawi was acquitted of sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious female passenger by...

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Snow-pocalypse 2017

| Mar 8, 2017, in News | 0 comments

After almost an entire week of snow days, our staff photographer Daniel decided that he wanted to capture what people really do when the...

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It’s getting hot in here

| Mar 6, 2017, in In Focus, News | 0 comments

Here’s the reality: the University of King’s College is hurting for revenue. However, investments and campus improvement efforts are being...

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The Race issue

| Mar 3, 2017, in Features, In Focus, News | 0 comments

The author identifies as Lebanese and is part of the small minority population that exists at King’s. The photos accompanying this piece...

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