A comic just for you

| Sep 26, 2017, in Arts & Culture, Opinions | 0 comments

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Annual General Meeting

| Feb 24, 2017, in Editorial, Opinions | 0 comments

We’re hosting our annual general meeting next week. Find more information about it here. Agenda for the meeting:...

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A response to ‘Deplorable: How I came to cast my vote for Trump’

| Dec 1, 2016, in Opinions | 0 comments

This is a response to an op-ed published on the Watch titled “Deplorable: How I came to cast my vote for Trump“. I’d like to...

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Deplorable: How I came to cast my vote for Trump

| Dec 1, 2016, in In Focus, Opinions | 0 comments

  “Donald Trump: death or exile?” That was the half–serious joke I told to my customers at the grocery store where I worked. To...

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From the editors

| Oct 17, 2016, in Editorial, In Focus, Opinions | 0 comments

  We feel that there’s something that the King’s community needs to be reminded of: This is your magazine. We’ve been very surprised...

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OPINION: Dismantling the divide

| Nov 25, 2015, in Op-Eds, Opinions | 1 comment

To continue my trend of pointing out issues I have come across in our community it is time to point out another: the false dichotomy and...

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