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BRIEF: KSU councillor election speeches

With five councillor positions up for grabs, the Wardroom was bustling with enthusiastic candidates. If you couldn’t make it to the KSU councillor speeches, here’s what you missed.

Voting will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Wednesday and Thursday in front of Prince Hall. A valid King’s ID card is required to vote and students can only vote in their constituency (only first years can vote for first year rep, science students for science rep, etc.) while any student can vote for member-at-large.
First year rep
Kate Ashwood

  • would like to see better communication between the KSU and the students, and to see the students become more aware of the mission of the KSU

  • hopes to facilitate easier online access for questions about the KSU like how to ratify a society

  • wants to implement a “green policy” at King’s and improve sustainability on campus

  • would try to organize more daytime events in the quad — “old school fun” like getting together to read and slack line

  • wants more collaboration with the Day Students’ Society so day students are well represented

  • believes in the power of word of mouth to generate discussion, as well as the use of social media platforms to communicate with students

  • hopes to make professors and lecturers more available post-lecture to help mind-blown students

  • has experience with Me to We, has taught her listen with confidentiality and without bias

Jacob Green

  • wants to make the existing fine arts scene even more vibrant by increasing access to space for activities and events

  • is unhappy with the school’s current investment in fossil fuels and the lack of transparency of those boards

  • hopes to advocate for reintroduction of a student presence at the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiations

  • wants to organize a job fair at King’s

  • hopes to better publicize events and keep day- and res students alike informed

  • would endeavour to inform himself and keep the students’ best interests at heart during meetings

  • believes the spirit and community of King’s can be maintained even with more students. While it doesn’t feel that “the more the merrier”, feels the deficit needs to be reduced

Sofia Zaman

  • loves the energy that comes out of Frosh Week and similar events – wants to capture and funnel that energy to catalyze change

  • believes the class of 2018 is smart and wants to act as a “springboard” for their ideas and opinions

  • thinks there’s a “culture of action” in place in their class and would be able to convince the student body of the importance of events like the Day of Action

  • would like more events to create interaction between first years and upper years so the first years can continue to learn from other King’s students

  • has experience as a junior school prefect and believes this will help her in the position

  • suggestion for day student/res student bonding: hosting sleepovers for day students on campus

  • would like to coordinate opportunities to learn about other students’ cultures

  • would like to collect student feedback re: lectures and course material on a regular basis

Micah Zionce

  • feels that King’s is unique and wants to help it stay that way.

  • was inspired to run because of a lack of a comprehensive “green plan”. Wants to facilitate King’s transition into a green school

  • believes the rep functions as a “mouthpiece” would like to implement more formal meetings between First Year rep and students, on “neutral ground” like coffeehouses to encourage Day student participation

  • hopes to attract participation for events like the Day of Action by making them things that people will want to attend because their classmates are as well

  • wants to communicate the things that are in place to help students like sick trays from meal hall, the locations of Dal services, etc.

Journalism rep
Meagan Campbell

  • recognizes that not all journalism students have access to cars and the like (for transportation to interviews), wants to implement “taxi chips” like sports teams use

  • wants to organize more lectures and documentary viewings

  • hopes to encourage more students to volunteer at writing workshops in the city

Science rep
Hannah Yaphe

  • is running for reelection. Intends to continue organizing social and Study Snacks-style events for science students

  • hopes to connect science students with King’s and each other, even when they’re mostly taking classes at Dalhousie

  • wants to improve on FYP science program by keeping a database of outgoing student feedback

  • has drafted a constitution for the science society and hopes that more students will commit to events

  • plans to work on fitting science students into the KSU’s pre-existing social action campaigns

Arts rep

Elan Schwartz

  • has previous student government experience

  • would like to see King’s establish a sense of identity independent from Dalhousie and hopes to organize spirit events to improve social life and attract prospective students

  • wants to bring back the arts newsletter, and use social media platforms or a website to communicate and inform

  • feels that primary sources, texts and library time are key to the university experience and worth protecting

  • suggests subdividing in a large (arts) community and maybe introduce senators for different majors like theatre or social science

Melina Zaccaria

  • believes firmly in openness and transparency

  • would bring forward the student voice so concerns are heard

  • wants to take advantage of the Halifax music scene and organize more daytime events, quad concerts and open mics

  • feels the liberal arts are integral to King’s and would be assertive in preserving them

Zoë Brimacombe

  • is a first year student, has previous board and committee experience

  • wants to care for and maintain the King’s community

  • likes the MaL position for the idea of communal accountability, wants to keep the students informed of the actions and decisions of the KSU

  • wants to bring voices forward rather than speak for people, hopes to keep informal office hours in addition to the formal KSU requirements to be more accessible to students

  • understands the need for inclusive language and making sure students have the space to ask and learn

  • is passionate about social justice and environmental sustainability

  • hopes to create a more inclusive space at King’s and provide students with learning opportunities about oppression and discrimination

Joy Shand

  • feels she brings experience to the position as a sixth year student. Loves the enthusiasm of the first year class but wants to balance that with knowledge of how King’s works

  • has had a diverse student experience –has taken both arts and science courses, been a part of societies and been on a sports time

  • endeavours to seek out underrepresented voices at King’s and bring them forward

  • has been commenting on diversity throughout the enrolment plan process and intends to vocalize the importance of a diverse community to the administration

  • experience as supervisor of Alex Hall front desk has given her skills in working through conflict with “care, compassion and thoughtfulness”

  • proposes creating a glossary of terms to make KSU processes less intimidating to students

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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