KSU 2016 candidates

Name: Aidan McNally
Running for: KSU President
Cares about:
-Making sure students know how to access Union resources
-Helping students and societies organize and fund events
-Increasing student awareness of the Union and its functions
Name:  Zoe Brimacombe
Running for: Financial VP
Cares about:
-Efficient and fair budgeting in the KSU
-Training for societies to help them with funding requests
-Prioritized funding for marginalized students and groups
-Releasing levies
-Fighting tuition increase at the university level
-Conversion of loans to grants
-Lobbying, anti-oppression training
Name: Gina Grattan
Running for: External VP
Cares about:
-Fighting tuition increase and accessible education
-Access to mental health services
-Demonstrating through marches and walk-ins
-Consent culture on campus: workshops, campaigns
-Support for and solidarity with marginalized groups
-Make King’s issues heard on a national level
Name: Julia-Simone Rutgers
Running for: Communications VP
Cares about:
-Books, pursuing social justice
-Linking the KSU with it’s members
-Being available for students and to respond to their concerns
-Emphasizing the importance of website and TWAK
-Increase social media use
-Fighting with student union on combatting oppression and accessibility issues
Name: Ryan Kavanagh
Running for: Communications VP
Cares about:
-Ensuring transparency for the Union
-Include KSU goals and plans in TWAK: to ensure transparency and accountability
-Expand communications beyond social media: presentations in the quad, videos
-Working closely with student life vice-president
-Updating the website
-Updating bylaws for Councillor positions
-Inclusion of day students
-Combatting tuition increase
Name: Kristen Thompson
Running for: Student Life VP
Cares about:
-Maintenance of residence buildings
-Diversifying the FYP curriculum
-Focusing on mental health
-Study resources: study snacks for 3rd years
-Options for graduating students: career counseling or internships
-Recognizing athletics: getting people out to games
Name: Brennan McCracken
Running for: Student Life VP
Cares about:
-Supporting society activities, including training for students starting up new societies
-Making sure students’ voices are communicated to the school’s academic committee
-Challenging funding cuts and precarious employment at King’s
-Encouraging student athletes and community support for them
-Making school safe and inclusive
-Providing anti-oppression training to society executives
-Transparency in the KSU
Name: Curran McConnell
Running for: Board of Governors Representative
Cares about:
-Openness about board meetings and information
-Continuing to work towards achieving open board meetings
-Striving for free tuition
-Rejecting tuition hikes and advocating for an inclusive/accessible school
-Developing a positive relationship between students and Board
Name: Liam Compton
Running for: Board of Governors Representative
Cares about:
-King’s day students, their inclusion and retention (currently represents DSS on council)
-Student retention as an accessibility issue
-Advocating for representative curricula
-Bringing student voices directly to administration
-Stronger communication between students and administration
-Increasing social and mental support for students

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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