New to Instagram?  Bored of your current feed? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration, excitement or a new reason to procrastinate after you follow these seven Instagram accounts.    
Not only is the Wardroom the coolest on campus hangout/bar space in Halifax, it also has a pretty cool Instagram account.  For picture quality, they aren’t afraid to get up-close and personal with the artists performing or the students enjoying.  When I’m too lazy to leave my bed on a Friday night I can check @thewardroom and feel like I’m part of the fun. If you love King’s, and you like music and colourful photography, then you should definitely follow @thewardroom.  
Who doesn’t like books? As a King’s student, I read a lot and I like to stay updated when the King’s bookstore has new arrivals, or more importantly when they received a new shipment of adult colouring books.  Support one of only two independent bookstores left in Halifax and follow @kingsbookstore. Their captions are usually pretty cute too!  @kingsbookstore can make a book look really enticing too when they outline it in pins! Feed includes monochromatic schemes, geometrically pleasing displays, clever puns and great gift ideas!
Follow this account to see our beautiful city, through the lenses of the people who live here. This account features photographers all over Halifax that have captured a beautiful moment in time.  It always uses the original caption and tags the original account that uploaded it, so it’s a great way to find even more Instagram accounts to follow. (I was featured here and got over 200 likes on my picture and I loved it.) @discoverhalifax is a great account to follow when you want to look at pretty pictures and it’s fun to recognize the places photographed. I highly recommend following it if you’re a fan of Halifax.
She’s a local photographer with an aesthetically pleasing feed and I guarantee she will make you buy a cappuccino from The Nook.  Her coffee table portraits are fantastic and she has a knack for making a grey day look not so grey.  I’ll admit, I have some Instagram envy.  Her photography skills are on point and I was in love with the way she made Halifax look in the fall. She brings out the best of Halifax. Her feed is vibrant, geometric and fun.  We’ve never met, but if I could do a photo shoot with anyone it’d be her.
It has nothing to do with breakfast, but if you like art, or cool abstract paintings then you should definitely follow @art_for_breakfast. It’s like going to an art gallery on your phone!  The feed features paintings, drawings and quotes from around the world.  It usually tags the original account from where the art piece came from and the caption explains how the piece was made and what the title is. It has over 74,000 followers so it must be good. (Warning: it posts rather frequently in a day so beware of @art_for_breakfast clogging up your homepage.)
This account is dedicated to film.  But not just any film, film from your disposable camera.  The project launched in 2012 and since then @indisposibleconcept has over 14,000 followers and has posted over 11,000 times. I’ve been featured on their account a handful of times. I highly recommend following this account if you like the raw, unedited beauty of film.  Anyone can be featured. All you do is send them an email with the roll of photos attached with a description of when and where the photos were taken.  It is a wonderful account that lets you enter the lives of so many people from around the world.
This account is verified! It also features some incredibly talented photographers and posts a lot of remarkable photos from around our country. This account makes me actually want to explore Canada. It also makes snow look fun and appealing. You can be featured on their page if you tag them, but you have to take a really, really nice photograph. I definitely recommend following @explorecanada to give you some envy of a country we already live in.
Follow me @erinnmcintosh because one day I want to be Instagram famous.

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