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KSU Election 2021: BOG Rep Candidate Overview

Editor’s note: this article is a part of a series of candidate interviews. The Board of Governor’s representatives are responsible for sitting on the Board as voting members, representing the interests of students, and reporting events that happen at the Board to KSU Council. Naomi Puddicombe Naomi Puddicombe (she/her) is a first-year student pursuing a […]

KSU Election 2021: Financial VP Candidate Overview

Editor’s note: this article is a part of a series of candidate interviews. The Financial Vice President is responsible for putting together budgets, processing society funding requests, and acting as the liaison with the bursar’s office and King’s budget committee. Victoria Gibbs Victoria Gibbs (she/her) is a second-year studying Political Science and International Development. She […]

Arts & Culture

Inside One of the Largest Societies at King's

The cast of All My Sons starts their rehearsal with vocal warm ups, buzzing air through their lips and reciting tongue twisters of increasing difficulty. Then, they launch into a scene. It is only their second rehearsal, and the energy is high.  Set in the early 1940’s, All My Sons tells the true story of […]

Stick it to ya

Your local tattoo shop might not be using a pen and ink to give tattoos, but someone on your campus might be. They’re called stick-and-poke tattoos: instead of using a gun, you only need something sharp and some ink. It’s usually a small tattoo, and most believe it to be temporary. Stick-and-poke kits are available […]

Review: The Laramie Project

  Packed into the familiar setting of the King’s Wardroom, Bad Ideas Theatre Collective aimed to transport its audience from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Laramie, Wyoming. They were presenting not only the facts, but also the people affected by the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard. The Wardroom was an interesting choice by the directors, providing […]


In the Dead of Winter: Photo essay

In the Dead of Winter is a unique festival experience that prioritizes songwriters. This doesn’t only manifest in the feel of the festival, but also in the physical presentation of the artists on stage. Some were used to performing alone, while others admitted openly into the microphone that they felt bare onstage without others behind […]

News Breakdown: Jan.20-26

International News   At least 20 people have been killed in Venezuela and tens more have been injured in protests for and against the government. At the largest of the anti-government protests on Wednesday, opposition leader Juan Guiado declared himself president, following the inauguration of President Maduro and an election Guiado says was rigged.   […]

News Breakdown: Nov. 18-24

International News The death toll of the Californian wildfires has risen to 87 with more than 600 people unaccounted for while an area approximately the size of Hong Kong has burned. A massive federal government climate report issued by the Trump administration and criticized by the White House says that the US is currently affected […]


Opinion: Selling signet rings

Being more proud of tradition at King’s It’s around this time of year that graduating students start to think about how best to commemorate their time and education at King’s. Sweaters are a good idea but often can go threadbare with use over the years. Mugs are good, and relatively permanent, although often succumb to […]

A cynic's guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day brings out the cynic in me. Having never been in a relationship (or even on a date for that matter) and having spent my entire life around divorced people, when Feb. 14 rolls around each year I tend to feel indifferent. Perhaps even a little sad. But my circumstances do offer some advantages. […]

Weekly horoscopes

Aquarius – The sun is in your sign until mid-next week, and now is as good a time as any to own it, moonchild. Being an air sign, you are one of the communicators of the zodiac signs, and that’s exactly what I want you to focus on this week. Take the time to share […]