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KTS Main Season: 'Little Death' review

Little Death, directed by Daniel Halpern and written by Daniel Sarah Karasik, opens with a conversation at a bar. The awkward conversation is realistic, eyes drift from hands to smiles. Tension builds for several minutes as the conversation between Ali, played by Hilary Allister, and Dallas, played by Simone Reid, dips its toe into the […]

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KTS Main Season: 'Will You Taste Our Blood' review

Sex finds itself in the spotlight of The Pit. Will You Taste Our Blood, written by Katie Clarke and directed by Clarke and Adrianna Vanos, is a bubbling concoction. The play combines elements of the Greek tragedy The Bacchae with contemporary issues of sex, consent, and social anxiety. It stars Alex Retzer as Mae (a […]

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Inside One of the Largest Societies at King's

The cast of All My Sons starts their rehearsal with vocal warm ups, buzzing air through their lips and reciting tongue twisters of increasing difficulty. Then, they launch into a scene. It is only their second rehearsal, and the energy is high.  Set in the early 1940’s, All My Sons tells the true story of […]

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FIN: Giving Voice to Indigenous Experience

Indigenous issues and representation were tackled in many films at this year’s Atlantic International Film Festival and Michael Trombetta had the chance to review three of them.

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Stick it to ya

Your local tattoo shop might not be using a pen and ink to give tattoos, but someone on your campus might be. They’re called stick-and-poke tattoos: instead of using a gun, you only need something sharp and some ink. It’s usually a small tattoo, and most believe it to be temporary. Stick-and-poke kits are available […]

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Review: The Laramie Project

  Packed into the familiar setting of the King’s Wardroom, Bad Ideas Theatre Collective aimed to transport its audience from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Laramie, Wyoming. They were presenting not only the facts, but also the people affected by the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard. The Wardroom was an interesting choice by the directors, providing […]

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Penguin Contest: Creative Non-fiction

Graduating students in the Master of Fine Art in Creative Nonfiction have the opportunity to win $2500 by submitting a piece of their creative non-fiction.   Run by Penguin Random House Canada through the University of King’s College, the winner will be represented by an agent at Westwood Creative Artists, another partner in the competition. […]

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In the Dead of Winter: Photo essay

In the Dead of Winter is a unique festival experience that prioritizes songwriters. This doesn’t only manifest in the feel of the festival, but also in the physical presentation of the artists on stage. Some were used to performing alone, while others admitted openly into the microphone that they felt bare onstage without others behind […]

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The holidays are here!

As the weather gets colder and the holiday season approaches, everyone has something they start looking forward to. Whether it’s going home for the holidays, spending time with family or the traditions we share with others, the holidays are always fun. One can’t help but feel a warm buzz of excitement. To get my mind […]

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That's a rap

King’s is filled with talents. I.M.Purity, also known as Ben Allingham, is one of them. The rapper is releasing his first album on January 12. Here’s what you need to know: Why I.m.Purity? Originally when I began pondering becoming a rapper, I chose the name Purest Reality and at the time I had thought it […]