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Well, that escalated quickly

This year, King’s reversed the long trend of declining first-year enrollment. This year’s freshman class boasts 192 students, a two per cent increase from last year’s 188. Although this two per cent increase seems meagre, it’s an important step in the right direction for the university. At a time when most other humanities programs are […]

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Meet Casey: the canine on campus

  Nine years ago, Casey joined the Lahey family. This year, she joined the King’s family. Now, anyone taking a stroll through the quad, or traveling to and from class, may encounter Casey out for a walk with President William Lahey. For many, including myself, Casey has made for an easy introduction to the university’s new […]


Battle for the Kingdom

Speaking with the same tone and enthusiasm as Stephen Harper’s speech about enjoying Netflix and declaring his love for Breaking Bad (it’s available on some online streaming services, if you’ve never seen it), Bill Lahey spoke about why he should be King’s next president. Lahey is one of two candidates running for the position. He […]