Winter sports could return, athletic scholarship continue

Blue Devils directors confirm that winter season can still happen, given there are not significant health concerns.

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Bad(minton) Boys

The King’s Blue Devils lost to the Northern Albert Institute of Techology Ooks in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association national men’s doubles badminton finals on Mar. 9. Despite the tough loss, the duo of Benn Van Ryn and Bryce Mason made history — their silver medals were the first-ever national medal in the Blue Devils’ […]

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The King's Blue Devil

Don’t be alarmed if you enter the Kingdome this year and encounter a little Blue Devil. He’s friendly, and might even give you a high five if you ask nicely. Mocha is a one-year-old Shih Tzu puppy and the unofficial Blue Devils mascot. He belongs to the family of Brendan Balcom, a second year at […]