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Life after J-school

Being a young journalist in Halifax is hard. Damn hard. Salaried jobs are non-existent. Freelancing seems to be the only source of income. Second or third jobs are often the only way people make ends meet. And all of this you wish you had known when you were 17-years-old, applying for journalism schools, taking out […]

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Masters of deception

The journalism school made a major cut in the summer of 2017 by choosing to no longer provide two of the three streams available for the journalism master’s (MJ). Prior to this year, King’s provided both the new ventures program and the data and investigative program for students entering the MJ. The purpose of the […]

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From the editors

  We feel that there’s something that the King’s community needs to be reminded of: This is your magazine. We’ve been very surprised over the last couple months by the generally low interest we’ve been getting from writers. It’s especially odd considering such a large portion of our students are writers and journalists. If this […]