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In the Dead of Winter: Photo essay

In the Dead of Winter is a unique festival experience that prioritizes songwriters. This doesn’t only manifest in the feel of the festival, but also in the physical presentation of the artists on stage. Some were used to performing alone, while others admitted openly into the microphone that they felt bare onstage without others behind […]

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That's a rap

King’s is filled with talents. I.M.Purity, also known as Ben Allingham, is one of them. The rapper is releasing his first album on January 12. Here’s what you need to know: Why I.m.Purity? Originally when I began pondering becoming a rapper, I chose the name Purest Reality and at the time I had thought it […]

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Soap Opera's back at the Wardy

Who hasn’t starred in a soap opera? Water spouts onto a head of sudsy hair; the mirror fogs up and bubbles gurgle down the drain, lost beneath the echo of a voice that boldly projects the latest Top 40 against tile walls. Bless bathtub acoustics: everybody’s a sensation while singing in the shower. St. John’s […]

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In the Dead of Winter: Night three

IDOW Night three or: the night Irish Mythen asked about my relationship status There’s a story to go along with that headline, and I’ll get to it eventually – I promise. Bluegrass matinee with Big Country Ramblers This was a neat one. Seven Bays hosted these guys (six of them today, but they’re usually a […]