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Thank you, Michael

Over the holidays, former journalism school director Michael Cobden passed away at the age of 77. Cobden oversaw the j-school through a time of transition, helping integrate audio and radio into the journalism curriculum. But Cobden was also instrumental to the founding of The Watch in 1989. Without him, it’s likely the magazine wouldn’t be […]

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HPX 2017: Night Two

Jessica: Thursday night was a lot. I am still processing my thoughts on all the stellar acts that blessed the Marquee. I am now also dedicated to wearing comfier shoes for the rest of the performances. Hannah was working on her honours project all night (wish her well!), so you’ll just get my ramblings for […]

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From the editors

  We feel that there’s something that the King’s community needs to be reminded of: This is your magazine. We’ve been very surprised over the last couple months by the generally low interest we’ve been getting from writers. It’s especially odd considering such a large portion of our students are writers and journalists. If this […]