Winter 2022 KSU Candidate Q&As

The Watch has worked to present candidate interviews for the 2022 Winter King’s Students’ Union election. Students have a chance to decide who will make up the KSU executive for the next year. Read ahead for how to vote and see our positional overviews below.

According to KSU chief returning officer Mason Carter (who is in charge of the election), students will receive a link to the online voting form on the morning of Tuesday, Feb 15. Additionally, students will receive a QR scanning code for ease of access.

To vote, students must use their banner number (B00…) on their Dalhousie I.D. card. From there, can vote for a candidate for each position (and two Board of Governor’s Reps, as there are two seats).

Voting closes on the evening of Wednesday, Feb 16, when votes will be tallied and winners will be announced.

The positions are:

  • President (manages and represents the union);
  • Student-life vice-president (facilitates societies and orientation week);
  • External vice-president (runs campaigns and external advocacy and representation);
  • Financial vice-president (creates the budget and sits on the King’s budget advisory committee);
  • Communications vice-president (manages social media and union documents); and
  • Board of Governor’s Representatives (2) (sit as student reps to the BOG, which decides a lot of the important stuff at King’s).

Thank you for reading our coverage, remember to vote!

Editor’s note: reporters reached out to all candidates and interviews them with questions that were tailored to each position. Please note that The Watch strives to present each candidate truthfully and equally. These Q&A’s have been edited for length and clarity.

KSU Election 2022: President Candidate Overviews

Two people are running for president: Aideen Reynolds and Victoria Gibbs. Reynolds (she/they) is a third-year student in gender studies and contemporary studies, while Gibbs (she/they) is a third-year international development and political science student. The president of the KSU represents the union on the board of governors, as well as in discussion with the…

KSU Election 2022: Student-Life VP Candidate Overview

There are two candidates running for student-life vice-president: Emy Dunleavy-Lachmann and Kaitlyn MacNeill. MacNeill (she/her) is a second-year journalism student. Student-life VP duties include liaising with societies and helping plan O-week. Editor’s note: Dunleavy-Lachmann could not be reached by the time of publishing. Additionally, due to an error, we have to confirm the pronouns and…

KSU Election 2022: External VP Candidate Overviews

Two people are running for external vice-president: Anna Carsley-Jones and Natalia Tola. The external vice-president runs campaigns for the union around issues such as tuition hikes, and represents the KSU in the Canadian Federation of Students. Candidates are listed by order of first name. Editor’s note: due to an error, we have to confirm the…

KSU Election 2022: Financial VP Candidate Overviews

Kerri Lawrence (he/she, any pronouns other than they/them) is a third-year contemporary studies and political science major with a minor in German. He is running uncontested for the position of financial vice-president. The FVP is the financial officer of the KSU, not dissimilar to a treasurer.  Q: What experiences would you say have equipped you…

KSU Election 2022: Communications VP Candidate Overviews

Two people are running for communications vice-president: Aidan Rawding and Daniel Konopelski. Rawding (she/her) is a second-year journalism student, while Konopelski (he/him) is in FYP. Communications vice-president duties include managing KSU social media, sending out the This Week At King’s (TWAK) newsletter, and organizing KSU documents for council meetings. Candidates are listed by order of…

Editor’s note: neither Tessa Hill nor Sam Sharp were available for interviews for the Board of Governor’s Representative position.