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January 28, 2012

New student don takes on Alex Hall basement

With files from Paul Robinson
The basement of Alex Hall has a new junior don—third-year student Jake Glover.
“I like it a lot and am very excited to become part of the don team,” said Glover.
Residence dons are part of the residence support and discipline structure. They act as mentors and support staff for the students living in their floor or bay. They also work with Patrol to deal with more serious situations on campus. Glover’s appointment to the position is unusual in that dons are normally required to have completed their undergraduate degree.
“I feel really privileged that they thought of me,” said Glover. “I’m proud that they think I have the ability to become part of the don team.”
Former basement don Bryce Swerhun left the position last semester after making a move to Ottawa, where he got a new job.
When he found out that Swerhun had to leave, Glover went to Dean of Residence Nicholas Hatt’s office to inquire about the position. Hatt directed him to the online application form. Once he had turned in the application, he did not hear anything until the day before he left for break. He had an interview that day and was informed that afternoon that he had the job.
Glover has worked on Patrol since the fall semester of 2011 and was already living in residence. He moved from his room at the top of Middle Bay to the don suite in the basement of Alex Hall at the beginning of this semester. Unlike other dons, Glover does not participate in duty shifts because of a possible conflict if interest with his role as student and Patrol member. He will fill this position until the end of this year.
“I cherish the Kings community,” he said. “Any opportunity I have to facilitate the growth of the community is very important to me.”

Tuition fee protests get creative

By Ben Harrison,
The 2012 Student Day of Action is coming up on Feb. 1, and KSU Vice-President Omri Haiven hopes the it will appeal to an even broader audience this time around. Last year’s Day of Action brought out over 1,000 students. “We’re trying to get a multiplicity of voices involved in the organizing process, so that hopefully it’s ground-level operation, rather than a top-down method of organization,” said Haiven. “We don’t want the usual suspects organizing this as much as it happened last year.” Haiven calls this year’s Day of Action “a creative process.”
“We want this to be from students, for students,” said Haiven. “We want a diverse array of voices, from students to their families.”
Leading up to the 2012 Student Day of Action, the Canadian Federation of Students and KSU are working on a “Farewell to Nova Scotia” protest, where students will dress up in traditional Maritime garb and sing folk songs at the McDonald bridge, in protest of raising tuition fees. The “Farewell to Nova Scotia” protest is a wink at secondary education in Newfoundland, where tuition is considerably cheaper.

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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