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Halifax 101: exploring the city after quarantine

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If you’re just starting out at King’s, there are some great places go check out that aren’t too far from campus. And if you aren’t in Halifax yet, here’s something to look forward to.

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Arts & Culture

KTS Main Season: ‘Little Death’ review

Little Death, directed by Daniel Halpern and written by Daniel Sarah Karasik, opens with a conversation at a bar. The awkward conversation is realistic, eyes drift from hands to smiles. Tension builds for several minutes as the conversation between Ali, played by Hilary Allister, and Dallas, played by Simone Reid, dips its toe into the […]

KTS Main Season: ‘Will You Taste Our Blood’ review

Sex finds itself in the spotlight of The Pit. Will You Taste Our Blood, written by Katie Clarke and directed by Clarke and Adrianna Vanos, is a bubbling concoction. The play combines elements of the Greek tragedy The Bacchae with contemporary issues of sex, consent, and social anxiety. It stars Alex Retzer as Mae (a […]

Inside One of the Largest Societies at King’s

The cast of All My Sons starts their rehearsal with vocal warm ups, buzzing air through their lips and reciting tongue twisters of increasing difficulty. Then, they launch into a scene. It is only their second rehearsal, and the energy is high.  Set in the early 1940’s, All My Sons tells the true story of […]

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No Pipeline!

An update to our previous story on Wet’suwet’en protests in Halifax was printed in our Feb. 2020 edition. On February 12th, upwards of 150 people organized to block the Fairview Cove Container Terminal and the gate to the terminal in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land and water protectors. The RCMP in British Columbia are removing Indigenous […]

Halifax/K’jipuktuk: Protestors Stand in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

Upwards of 150 people organized in Halifax on Feb. 11th around noon to block the Fairview Cove Container Terminal and the gate to the terminal in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land and water protectors. The main blockade was at the Fairview Cove Container Terminal, they are stopping trucks from entering the terminal. The second is down […]


Dude… It’s natural

Periods are taboo. Blood is coming out of someone’s body. They are disgusting. They can be abundant. They can be small. They can last for a week. They can last for 3 days. It’s basically a deep cleaning of the uterus. Sometimes it hurts. It’s irritating. It makes you feel more emotional. In high school, […]

Books be gone?

She’s cute, organized and here to ruin your life: Marie Kondo wants you to get rid of your books. Kondo is an author who was previously best known for penning the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a bestseller that explains Kondo’s method of cleaning up your house, and inevitably, your life. It […]

Life after J-school

Being a young journalist in Halifax is hard. Damn hard. Salaried jobs are non-existent. Freelancing seems to be the only source of income. Second or third jobs are often the only way people make ends meet. And all of this you wish you had known when you were 17-years-old, applying for journalism schools, taking out […]