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Since we took over last April, King’s has a new president, a new canteen and new budget cuts. And through all of that, we’ve taken a different direction with The Watch. If you reread our editors’ note from last April, it sums up our mandate: to serve the King’s community. And what we gave you was a hard look at how things work here. From some sober second (and third) thoughts on a major union enterprise to the school’s administration’s disregard for student voices, we’ve worked hard to hold those in power in our community to account—to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” That’s the oath editors of this publication must take. Certainly King’s deserves dedicated people to not only record, but to question and discuss.
And we’re damn proud of what we—and our fantastic contributors— have done for this magazine, and for the school. You’ve heard it before, but it doesn’t stop being true: the Watch is what you make it. Treating this space as though it were useless, powerless, hopeless only makes it so. But treating this forum as an opportunity to inform and empower our community gives it the credibility it needs. We need. You’re right: the content isn’t always perfect and the copy isn’t always spotless. But a lot of people put a lot of restless hours into these pages because they believe student journalism can change things. If more King’s students can take off their cynical caps and believe too, we could have a much finer publication.
We’ve come a long way since our first issue, and so has King’s. The last issue of this exec is an homage to the places King’s has taken us or will take us : to Israel to share ideas about journalism or on a train to Montreal together; to El Salvador to promote democracy, or to Guatemala to capture pain and beauty; to an exchange in France, or to a new learning experience in these halls. These stories show that when we leave King’s, we take it with us, too.
And as we leave The Watch, we take with us the truest value we uphold: “See the sword, sound the trumpet.”
Thanks for everything, King’s. We’re passing it off to the new exec (under the WATCHful eye of Char, who returns as publisher), and this mission is now theirs.
If you want to keep us up to date about your travels (or talk to the new editors), you can always find an ear at
Evey and Char

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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