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It's sink or swim at Blue Canoes

Whether you’re super sexy in drag, or a drag to be stuck with the next morning (read: post-cast party hangovers), the King’s Theatrical Society made sure to honour you.
It was the Blue Canoes award night for the KTS on April 10, held, appropriately, in the Pit. Infamous for their unusual awards, the KTS executive did not disappoint this year, offering the following gems to King’s thespians:
The “Family Issues Award for Pertinence in Recognizing that Families Have Issues” went to Classics in the Quad production of Hippolytos.
The “Prop Master Award for Best Inanimate Object in a Leading Role” went to Art, a play about a white painting that is not, in fact, white.
The Penelopiad won the “Realistic Casting Situation Award for Actuality in All Female Casts.”
[Title of Show] captured the “Meta-theatrical Award for Excellence in Performing Shows about Ourselves,” while Eric Cunningham was the recipient of the “Switcheroo Award for Most Sexually Arousing Drag” for his role as Mrs. Cheveley in An Ideal Husband.
The entire cast of Mouthful of Birds, directed by Brendan Sangster, received the “This Shit Got Serious Award for Seriousness in Getting Serious About Shit.” Sangster, the superstar, won the “Mark DeWolf Award for Most Outstanding Graduating Member of the Society”, and the “Looking Good Girl Award for the Most Seductive Use of Kate Howell in a Theatrical Production” went to Checkmates.
All in the Timing won the “Sound Wave Award for Best Attempt at THX Quality Sound Effects in Theatrical Production.”
The “Gastronomically Theatrical Award for Best Use of Food as a Prop to Generate Serious Discussion and Contemplation on a Topic” winner was The Ivory Cage, written and directed by Lauren Walsh-Greene, and the “David Etherington Award for Frugality in Set Construction and Design” winner was The Terrible False Deception.
The “Oral Administration Award for Trying Out the Best Foreign Tongues” went to Noises Off, and finally…
The “Crazy Stupid Drunk Award for Best Individual to Have at a Cast Party” went to Alcohol.

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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