FYP lessons meant for classroom, not bathroom stalls

You’ve probably seen it adorning the beige realm above your favourite urinal, or scrawled across a lonely stall door.
Fuck the polis.
Whoever you are, we get the reference, stop.
Instead of scribing your poor attempt to render the steaming pile of knowledge you’ve gained during FYP, take a real lesson from these hallowed halls and attempt writing what you really mean; namely that you’ve read several tombs of antiquity and feel the need to bequeath your knowledge to all who urinate.
Ice Cube and Easy E would laugh at your wordplay, and go back to reading Plato without telling the entire world about it.
It may seem odd to scoff at bathroom graffiti but it is irrelevant attempts of showcasing your philosophical knowledge that gives King’s a bad name.
It’s not that others laugh at the scholarly pursuit of philosophy; they laugh at those who chose to dangle their intellect above everyone else.
No one cares that you can languorously recite Descartes; get over it.
Read the works of these fabled men and women, take meaning in what you read and further your life with it, just do not use your knowledge as a social levee.
Oh, and one more thing, no more sator squares,or Vesuvius may punish us all.

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

2 replies on “FYP lessons meant for classroom, not bathroom stalls”

Yes. I went to King’s for a year and my decision to leave and pursue PR at MSVU was difficult, but the pretentiousness at King’s made it easier. Some King’s students need to be aware of how they come off, it gives a bad rep to everyone else.

I think you are overreacting just a tad. King’s students are going to class everyday and learning about things like the “polis” – its just on their minds. I don’t think whoever wrote that is trying to be pretentious… they probably just hear that word a lot and thought it was a funny pun. Its unfair to assume that students are being pretentious because they’ve taken in concepts and words they’ve been taught. The student isn’t trying to “showcase their knowledge”, they just happen to have knowledge and like puns.

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