Discuss. Shakespeare with Roberta Barker

A scene in The Tempest by John Hamilton Mortimer (Image: Public domain)
When we think of English theatre, English literature or even the English language, many of us will think of one man, who (if high school English teachers are to be trusted) can be credited with inventing the whole lot: Shakespeare.
The picture, of course, is more complicated. Nonetheless, when Shakespeare was writing, English theatre was indeed being reinvented, taking on a new social, political, and literary significance. This week on Discuss., John Last talks to Roberta Barker, director of the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie and an expert in Early Modern theatre, to find out exactly what Shakespeare and his contemporaries invented after all.
Discuss. Shakespeare with Roberta Barker.
Roberta Barker teaches in the Theatre Studies, Canadian Studies, and Gender Studies departments at Dalhousie University. She offers a number of cross-listed courses in Early Modern, Modern, and Canadian theatre.
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By David J. Shuman

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