Pins and pens for participation

It’s KSU K-Pin season yet again and the union is looking to reward your efforts with a silver or gold plated K-Pin—maybe even a K-pen.

Remember quenching your thirst with Dornish Red Society before joining a dozen other students streaming Game Of Thrones in Alumni Hall? Not only did you get hydrated, you also got 25 KSU K-points closer to some Lannister gold.

Well, not exactly Lannister gold, but it’s KSU K-Pin season yet again and the union is looking to reward your efforts with a silver or gold plated K-Pin. Maybe even a K-Pen.

Some bling for doing your thing. (Photo: Jesse Laufer)

King’s has a plethora of student-run societies, and the KSU recognizes the amount of effort students have put into making the King’s experience what it is through the awarding of K-Pins and the golden K-Pen. The more active you are at King’s, the more K-Points you get towards an award.
“They are important because they allow both the union and the student body to celebrate everybody’s accomplishments,” says KSU vice president Student Life, Alex McVittie.
“As well, K-Points are something that encourages involvement, if people are seeing what other people are doing then they want to be involved too”
Member in the King’s Pizza Appreciation Society? Points. Played on a varsity team? Points.
Were you one of the beloved staff who anchored the Wardroom? Also points. Drink a lot of pints at the Wardroom? Sadly no points, but McVittie says the executive is open to adding new activities that students feel contribute to student life.
There is a list of what earns points, and how many, posted outside the KSU Office.  Most everything you might have done on campus—jobs, societies, athletics, Watch contributors, KSU positions—will get you between 5 and 125 K-Points each. Hit 300 K-Points and you get a Silver K-Pin. Hit 600 and you get a gold one, and if you can hit 1000, you’ll get the K-Pen.
“It’s very uncommon to have somebody submit points when they know that they can’t get a pin or a pen because it’s so well outlined,” says McVittie.
300 points might seem like a lot, but don’t fret—the points accumulate yearly.
Forms are due to the vice president Student Life on April 7, with the awards ceremony taking place in the Wardroom on April 9.

By David J. Shuman

David is the current editor-in-chief of The Watch and writes on student issues and events. Find him on Twitter: @DavidJShuman

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