Discuss. FYP in review

(Photo: Paisley Conrad)

It’s the end of the year, and time for a spectacular final episode of Discuss.
We tried to get Neil Robertson, Ron Haflidson, and Wayne Hankey to answer your exam questions while Grecian oil wrestling for ultimate supremacy, but that fell through. Instead, we’re taking a look back on FYP with two of its survivors.
Rebecca O’Toole runs FYP Between the Lines, a new discussion group focused on material not offered in FYP. She’s joined by Sofia Zaman, former first year rep and current communications vice president for the King’s Students’ Union. Together, we talk navigating representation, FYP in real life, and surviving tutorials.
Also this week, we introduce next year’s host, the always fantastic Paisley, and get a hint of what she’ll be doing with Discuss 2.0.
Discuss. FYP in review.
Discuss is a co-production of CKDU Radio and the Watch Magazine.

By David J. Shuman

David is a second-year journalism student at King's, is engagement/news editor of The Watch, and a copy editor of The Pigeon. He writes on student politics, campus happenings, and school news. 

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