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(Photo: Avi Jacob)
(Photo: Avi Jacob)

The Wardroom, day and night, is a gathering place. King’s students and their guests can meet, chat, read and study. Each and every King’s student knows that the Wardy is the place to go — whether young or old, drinking or not. There is however, one difference between the day and the night in the Wardy. After 8 p.m. (4 p.m. on Fridays), the lights come up behind the bar and the taps start flowing. When you come down those stairs to grab a drink, the choices are just beginning. Seven taps, seven beers. Which one do you choose? Lucky for you, I’m here to help.
Martello Stout
Grab a pint of this while you still can. Garrison’s Martello Stout is seasonal and just like the cold winter air, it will soon be swapped out for a summer IPA. This is a beer that you get for the flavour. It’s rich, dark and wholly filling. In the last few weeks of sweater weather, grab a pint of this and curl up in one of the Wardy’s cozy corners with a good book. It will make you wish winter would last forever.
Fin du Monde
Drinkers beware! From Unibroue in Quebec, this one packs a punch. At nine per cent you’d think La Fin Du Monde would be one strong tasting beer, but one sip and you’ll think the bartender made a mistake. “Um, excuse me. I asked for the one with 9% alcohol content. This is juice.” Therein lies the danger. The Fin Du Mont is sweet with hints of fruit, malt, spice and a whole lot of sugar. If you’re new to beer or even an old hater willing to give it another try, grab a pint of this. Maybe just one though.
Tall Ship
This is classic Garrison. At the end of a long week, when you’re done thinking about school and work, A pitcher of Tall Ship with two or three of your friends will set you sailing smoothly into the weekend. This beer is a safe bet. It’s light refreshing taste won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for something to pass around during early happy hour, this is the one. It’s made for pitchers.
Irish Red
Even if you aren’t originally from Halifax, Garrison’s Irish Red tastes like home. It’s easy to drink; smooth and just a little sweet while still holding on to that classic english inspired bitter feel. While not overpowering in flavour, it’s never bland. If you’ve tried the Tall Ship and want something with a little more personality, the Red might be for you.
We all know those three letters: P.B.R.. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Pretty Basic Refreshment. Party Bro Requirement. Need I say more? PBR is PBR. This is not to say it doesn’t have its time and place. If you and your whole crew are in the mood to pass around a couple of pitchers throughout the night, PBR is the way to go. It’s light, cold and just the thing for large groups. When you order this one from the tap, there are no surprises with what comes out.
Honey Brown
Beer tap, beer tap on the wall, who’s the smoothest of them all? Sleeman’s Honey Brown is nothing short of a good choice. It’s just an all around nice beer. Watching this one pour out of the tap is almost as enjoyable as drinking it. It’s bright amber colour is a testament to how warm the flavour is. Rich but light, sweet yet dry. Winter, summer or in between, the Honey Brown has got you covered.
Bulwark Cider
There is nothing quite like cider on tap. At the Wardy, the newest addition to the menu is the Bulwark Cider — locally made with Nova Scotian apples. If you’re truly thirsty, this should be your number one choice. I know what you’re thinking: “Cider isn’t beer! It’s sugary and sweet.” To that I say, give the Bulwark a try. It’s not too sweet. It’s cold, crisp and very dry. The apple flavour, while strong, is subtle enough to keep you lifting your pint for another sip. This is the gluten free option on tap. But everyone, gluten free or otherwise, should give it a try on one of those warm spring days to come.

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