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(Photo: Nick Holland)
(Photo: Nick Holland)

The Classic – 3.5/5
Don’t be fooled by the name, because this grilled cheese is far from classic. What one would normally consider a classic (cheese + bread) is taken to a whole new level when adding garlic and caramelized onions. I found that the sweetness of the onions really paired well the cheese creating an amazing balance of sweet and savoury. My only problem with this one would be there they really like to load on the onions, which can over power the beauty that is the garlic spread, but if you’re the kind person that really loves your onions, this is the one for you!
The Herbivore – 4/5
This grilled cheese is totally loaded with great veggies that will fool your brain into thinking that you’re eating healthier than you actually are. The sammie is mixed with mushrooms, onions, garlic, tomatoes and a “classic seasonal veg” which make a great option for all of our vegetarian friends out there! Be warned though, this one is a mess, and you will definitely end up with it all over your shirt (or at least I did), I recommend bringing a bib.
The Davis – 5/5
This one’s for all my meat lovers out there! If you’re looking for a greasy (in a good way) way to get rid of a hangover, or even just something to fill you up, this is your guy. The Davis is basically the classic with a twist, sausages, which really introduces a whole new level in the Galley-grilled-cheese-world. I would have to say out of all the options, this one was definitely my favourite, and I’m sorry to all the non-meat eaters out there because you’re truly missing out. Next time you miss a Sodexo meal, or forget to being food to class, run on down and grab one! It’s just too gouda!
The Dorm – 4/5
I’m thinking that the thought behind naming this grilled cheese was the fact that you can only afford these ingredients when living in the dorms (bah bum chh). This beauty is what I would consider to be more of a traditional grilled cheese, with warm and crispy bread and melted and stringy cheese. I felt the like the cheese to bread ratio was perfect on this one, meaning they really like to load on the cheese. I would recommend this as more of an appetizer for a second grilled cheese, as it isn’t very filling at all.
The Margarita – 4.5/5
I was very excited for this one due to the fact that I love margarita pizza. I found this one to be very light on the stomach and not too difficult to eat, meaning you could eat two or three before feeling full. I think the basil is what really takes the cake on this one, it makes the sandwich rich and really draws out the flavours of the cheese and the tomatoes.
The Winter Special – 3/5
I’m definitely the kind of person who likes a savoury grilled cheese so I was kind of thrown off by how sweet this one ends up being.  When adding apple and sprouts to the mix, it kinds of takes away from the fact that you’re eating a grilled cheese and more feeling like you’re eating some sort of French sandwich. I would consider this to be more of a dessert-grilled cheese that you would eat after finishing up the Davis.

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