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Publisher's year in review

So this is it: the end of my three years working at the Watch. Of those years, I don’t hesitate to say this has been the best of them all.
Here’s just a quick recap of what we’ve accomplished as a team over the past eight months.
We (finally) have insurance, which means we’re protected if someone were to sue us for libel or defamation. This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of former publisher Grace Kennedy, who, along with other members of our board of publishers, revamped our governing documents last year.
Our relationship with the school of journalism and its instructors remains strong. It was beyond reassuring to have so many seasoned professionals to consult with when we hit roadblocks this year. To David Swick, our faculty representative on the board of publishers, and Kim Kierans, the King’s outgoing vice-president – thank you for your guidance and calming influence.
In January, our treasurer Maddie and I hit the road for the Canadian University Press National Conference (NASH) in Fredericton. Not only were we able to represent the Watch to the rest of Canada’s student journalism community, we also made connections and learned tricks of the trade that will help us in our professional careers. I highly encourage members of next year’s team to attend this event and continue to keep the Watch on the radar of other journalists from coast to coast.
Early this month, we made two changes to our constitution, which were passed at our general meeting. One was a simple wording change. The other makes it so that a member of the KSU other than the chair or financial vice-president cannot sit on our publishing board as a member-at-large. This change will ensure the crucial separation between the KSU and the Watch that many people have voiced their support for is solidified.
Our “writer’s crisis?” I’m proud to declare it over. The Watch has developed a dedicated pool of reporters who I’m convinced will carry and support us moving forward. They’ve already produced relevant, thought-provoking work this year. From helping to erase the stigma surrounding sexualized violence on campus to creating awareness about the severe lack of diversity at King’s, I couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve done.
Has this year been difficult at times? Absolutely. We are far from perfect, but we’re getting closer every day. And through it all, we’re still thriving.
Next year’s executive, as always, will have their work cut out for them. With such continuity on the team, I’m confident they’ll be able to use what they’ve learned this year to take our little paper to great new heights. I’ll be watching and rooting for you all.

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