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The old and the new editors

It’s been a great year King’s.
Through all the ups and downs this year, I’m really proud of the position that the Watch is currently in both financially and socially. We’re leaving the year with a $6,000 surplus, which I think is grat for the upcoming year.
I’m hoping that next year we will be able to have a more involved presence on campus, being at sporting events, special lectures, and also hosting more of our own events for our writers and the student body.
As much as I’m sad to be losing my partner, Avi, to publishing, I’m quite excited to be starting the year with Nick. I think with the new team we’ll be able to produce an amazing product, and I’m so excited to see what’s to come.
See you in September,

I’ve been a part of this team, as a contributor, since October and it has been a great experience. In this transition period, I’ve learned the ropes and I’m looking forward to the opportunity and challenges in front of me next year.
I look forward to working alongside Kristen and I know her and Avi can help me if I’m unsure how to approach a challenge.
Part of my mission will be to recruit more writers so we can let you, the readers, know more about what’s happening around you. I’ll also be doing my best to give King’s athletics more attention because I #BleedBlue.
I have to admit that my first thought after being elected co-editor-in-chief last year was: “I’m just like Rory Gilmore!” I revelled in that for at least a month before fully grasping that I had been handed an awesome responsibility.
While I am, to this day, still in awe of that responsibility, I am also proud to say that our team accomplished a lot this year. Our goal was to increase readership and writership. while it didn’t exactly happen as we had planned, we did it. We got people writing; we got people reading; we got people talking.
Looking toward next year, I decided to try something new and move into the position of Publisher. Following in the footsteps of our outgoing (and fearless) leader, John, I am already making plans to continue on the path we set ourselves in this year – more writers, more readers, more talking. While I am sad to be leaving this post (I WANNA BE RORY GILMORE FOREVER), I am also excited to work with Kristen, Nick and Hannah as they continue to produce this magazine.
Here’s to a great year behind us, and another in front.
See you all in September,
Avi Jacob/Rory Gilmore

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