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Dear Day Student (Life Advice for the Day Students Among Us)

(Photo: Daniel Wesser)
(Photo: Daniel Wesser)

Written for The Watch by the King’s Day Students’ Society
Dear Day Student,
Whether you walk, bike, drive or transfer from three different bus routes every morning, being a day student—especially in FYP—isn’t always a piece of cake. Despite daily rotary/bridge/102 traffic, there are lots of ways you can make being a day student easier and more fun!
Commute tips: take advantage of express routes if you can, especially in the morning; they can cut your commute down drastically. Finding someone to bus to lecture with also makes the commute less of a chore and more of a social thing—bus buddies are legit lifesavers. If you’re even luckier, finding someone to carpool with is the real jackpot!  
Food tips: you are always welcome to buy a meal in Prince Hall—you can pay at the door or buy a “community plan.” If you tend to arrive to lecture an hour early every morning because of bus scheduling, pop over and have a hearty breakfast before FYP. There’s also a kettle and microwave in the Wardroom. Many a day student has heated up their leftovers or cooked up some delicious instant noodles or instant oatmeal between classes.
Bonus food tip: Mason jars are microwavable and leak-proof!!!
Social tips: getting involved on campus is one of the best things you can do to bridge the gap between you and the person who lives 50 feet away from lecture hall. Pick a society or two you’re interested in—or start your own! — and hang out with the likeminded FYPers promised in every King’s brochure ever. The Wardy is another great place to hang out and mingle with upper year day students and residence students galore. Don’t be afraid to commit to evening events on campus — bring your supper with you or get some eats in Prince Hall. The late night commuting is 100% worth it. You should ask your residence friends if you can crash with them and use their meal guest passes!! Also, if you’re from the HRM, don’t forget to hang out with your high school/local pals and your fam! These support systems are super important!
Academic hacks: talk to your frickin’ tutor before and after every essay!! It is their literal job to help you and they love you. Go to general tutorial. If you’re commuting to campus, try to get to King’s an hour early on the day your essay is due, and have your essay saved online and also on a memory stick in case you forget your printed copy at home!! No one wants to bus back to Sackville to get the physical copy of their essay. Overnight essays are not good. Start thinking about your essay as soon as your get your essay questions! Talk to your friends about what you’re learning. Skype your fellow day students about it if you can’t get together after class to brainstorm. And remember: everyone wants the best for you so don’t be afraid to ask for help!
Thus, dear Day Student, ends our imparting of wisdom. We hope your journey at King’s will be long, successful and not too full of existential dread about the nature of the universe. 
King’s Day Students’ Society

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