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Introducing Moka – King’s has a new best friend

Everyone knows Casey the labradoodle, but there’s a new big dog on campus: Moka, owned by KSU Services and Campaigns Coordinator Michaela Sam.
“We want Moka!” the people screamed.
“Moka! So hot right now!” students exclaimed.
To meet these demands, we sat down with Moka and Michaela for the exclusive story on what makes this pooch tick.

Moka in his natural habitat. (Photo: Daniel Wesser)
Moka in his natural habitat. (Photo: Daniel Wesser)

“I’ve been the Services and Campaigns Coordinator for just over a year now but it’s certainly nice to have a dog around so that when we’re making [International Student Identity Cards] or answering health plan questions there’s someone else there too,” says.
Moka the Havanese Shih Tzu has belonged to Michaela’s family for 12 years, but this is his first semester working at King’s with students being around. From what Michaela says, it sounds like Moka, who generally sleeps either under his owner’s desk or in his bed on the office floor, is a welcomed addition to the office.
“I’ve talked to a lot of students about how it’s helpful to have a dog around in terms of mental health and as an office that really prioritizes mental health, I think it’s great to have another support in the office and he’s got a friendly face, so… doesn’t hurt.”
In contrast with Casey, who runs around the quad with effervescent glee, Moka moves at a slower pace.
“Moka is certainly a… lower energy dog as he’s gotten into his older age. Like a lot of us he enjoys a good nap.”
That’s not to say that Moka doesn’t like a good game. If you have a treat, Moka will gladly give you a high-five.
“Just as we support workers’ rights, Moka likes to be fairly compensated.”
Be aware though, if you want to give Moka a treat, make sure it’s dairy-free. He’s lactose intolerant. As for his favourite place to be pet, belly rubs are probably your best bet.
If you think that Moka’s life is all long naps and affection, you might be surprised to learn that he’s an active member of the community.
“I’m glad to have a dog whose principles fall in line with the students’ union’s principles. He loves when people ask for consent before they pet him. He’s in support of re-education. He’s been to rallies in support of workers’ rights, like with the Chronicle Herald this past summer. He does like to be active in the campaigns the union runs.”
Michaela stressed that if a student wants to say hi, Moka prefers that they ask consent before they dive in for a cuddle. Another thing to note that Moka stays home on days when it’s raining.
“I think like many of us he’s a simple dog that loves naps, loves free education, and people are more than welcome to come by, access any of the campaigns or services in our office and also to say hi to him.”

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