Nana's in the house

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Got a problem? Let Nana fix it.

Hellooooo King’s!
It’s me, your girl, Nana.
I thought I’d drop you a couple lines explaining what this column is, what I’d like it to be and who I am.
I’m a King’s undergrad student who really enjoys helping people. Hannah, The Watch’s fantastic online editor, sent out an email early on in the year asking if anyone had any interests or skills they’d like to use to write a column. Advice seemed natural to me because I spend a lot of my time listening to my friends and helping them figure out their problems. I’m excited to extend this to all of my King’s pals.
I also enjoy going to bed early, hot beverages and talk radio. So yeah, I’m your Nana.
The editorial board and I have decided that I should remain anonymous. This is for two reasons. The first being we wanted people to be comfortable sending in their questions and thought that might be easier if I was just a faceless grandma listening to your troubles and helping you out as best I can. The second reason is that if/when I leave King’s (hopefully with a degree), we wanted to be able to pass the moniker of Nana onto another helping hand, without too much change for the rest of the community.
Those of you who send questions into the email will also remain anonymous. Feel free to use a dummy email account, or your Dalhousie email if you haven’t changed your account name. If you use your real email, don’t worry, we’ll keep that a secret too.
The only reason this would change is if we believe you are a legitimate danger to your safety or the safety of others. In that case, I will take it to the editorial board and we will discuss taking your question to the right faculty member/emergency services.
When I’m answering your questions I’m going to become as informed as possible. This means researching, interviewing the right experts and taking time to ponder all of the possible solutions. I’m here to help, but that doesn’t mean I’m beyond asking for help myself.
So send in your questions to! My column will be going up on the Watch’s website every other Wednesday, starting on Jan. 24. Ask me anything, from dating advice, to school trouble, to roommate battles and anything in between. I want to hear about your life.
Ta-ta for now dearies! I hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Nana

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