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(Photo: Raine Moonwalker)
(Photo: Raine Moonwalker)

Aquarius – The sun is in your sign until mid-next week, and now is as good a time as any to own it, moonchild. Being an air sign, you are one of the communicators of the zodiac signs, and that’s exactly what I want you to focus on this week. Take the time to share your truth and be authentic. Don’t worry if you’re afraid, the new moon at the end of the week will be landing in Aquarius, allowing you to achieve clarity and inspiration about what you want, who you are and who you’re becoming.
Pisces – Things must be feeling pretty tense for you, moonchild. With the new moon arriving in Aquarius at the end of the week, you’re probably going to find that you are emotionally and spiritually detached until the 15. Once the new moon passes it will allow you to be able to let go of that tension and have a fresh start. The new moon may also bring a realization about yourself or your life that you may not be ready for through the means of someone close to you. Don’t discard their advice moonchild, they’re only here to help.
Aries – Your time has come again, moonchild, to place yourself in the spotlight. With the new moon arriving this week, you will feel a push towards teamwork and idealism. Within your team dynamic, I encourage you to take a step back to see where it is that you will be able to shine brightest. You don’t necessarily have to be the leader, those who contribute to the team are just as valuable as those to control it. You may also be feeling that there are some unresolved issues in your life right now moonchild, but do not fear. February has no full moons this month, which may be making you feel uneasy and stressed, but when the full moon arrives on March 1, you will finally get your answers.
Taurus – You’re in a unique place this week moonchild, as the Aquarius new moon arrives you will find it easier to navigate through life than the last few weeks. It looks like this will be a perfect week for you to work towards your ambition and take opportunities to enhance your place at work, in a society or in class. It’s time for you to recognize your power, moonchild, and to take responsibility for what your power may bring. You need to remember that you hold a great amount of power and influence on the people around you, and it’s up to you to steer yourself in a direction which will allow for happiness, relaxation and reward.
Gemini – Did you take steps to work toward your goals, moonchild? If you needed to take last week off, that’s okay, but now it’s time for you get moving. At the end of the week with new moon arriving you may see major opportunities for travel, to take risks and to expand your horizons. I want to encourage you to take those opportunities, moonchild, and step out of your comfort zone. Continue to collaborate with those around you that will help you succeed, and remember that the bumps along the road of your journey aren’t able to stop you, only you are.
Cancer – With the new moon coming this week, moonchild, you’ll finally start to be able to connect the dots and piece together what it is you’ve been waiting for. Whether you have big goals for the future or little goals you’d like to see reflected in the coming weeks, you’re going to be in a place that allows you to work out a way to get there. Remember though moonchild that not everything needs to be planned out. I know that having a lack of a plan has been frustrating for you recently, but it will prepare you for the road bumps that may lie ahead and will give you a new point of view of the finish line that you haven’t been able to see recently.
Leo – The last few months for you have been focused on yourself and your personal goals, but now it’s time for you to focus on your relationships with those that you love, moonchild. With the amount of self-focus that you’ve been having, you may be feeling disconnected from those around you, and that’s to be expected, but with the new moon this week you will start to see changes in this area. It’s time for you to stop focusing on you and to start focusing on those that need you and have supported you. It’s a month of love for you, moonchild, don’t waste it by spending all your spare time loving yourself.
Virgo – This is a good week for you to focus on your physical and mental health, moonchild. The new moon at the end of the week will inspire you to balance your mind, body and soul, and will push you to find new people who are doing the same. It’s looking like one of these people may also be or will soon be a romantic partner for you, so saddle up! You may not be ready for what’s ahead, but that won’t stop it from coming at you at full speed.
Libra – Love is in the air for you, moonchild. With the new moon falling so close to Valentine’s day, you may find that you start feeling a little bit hot and heavy. You don’t have to get down if you don’t want to though, it’s also an ideal time for you to get together with friends and treat yourselves to a nice friend-date. You will also be shifting to a more supportive energy this week, which means that people may lean on you a bit more than you’d like. You may feel like this will hold you back from things you’re hoping to accomplish creatively and professionally, but take a step back. The support you give this week will be repaid in the coming weeks when you find yourself needing it.
Scorpio – This week will showcase the results of how you dealt with difficult decisions last week. Either way that the situation plays out, it looks like things will be happening that will be changing up your whole routine, and may also affect the people closest to you, like roommates and partners. I recommend you take the time to listen and collaborate with these people, moonchild, as they will be assisting you and can make these transitions easier for you. A small, communicative tribe is what will help you grow and excel in the coming months.
Sagittarius – Are you tired of complaining, moonchild? Because everyone around you is tired of listening to it. With the new moon happening at the end of the week, you can expect that things will start to move toward the finish line. Whether your goal is personal, in academics or in athletics you’ll be closer to reaching it this week. This will also be a good week for you socially, but unfortunately not romantically. I recommend spending Valentine’s day with friends or family, and not trying too hard to find a date. There’s a possibility it may backfire on you. I also recommend really trying to find the bright side in all situations this week, it may help your outlook improve, and will prepare you for the weeks ahead.
Capricorn – You may see some changes in your financial and work situations this week, moonchild, but don’t worry. The new moon brings luck for you and may be moving you to a more prosperous position in your finances. I encourage you to make daring and bold moves this week to advance either academically or in the workplace, it will allow your superiors to see what you are capable of. Even if the task is a little bit outside of your wheelhouse, throw caution to the wind and put everything you have into it. You’ll regret it in the coming weeks if you don’t take this opportunity now.

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