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Dear Day Student: Advice for the day students among us

Photo: Kheira Morellon
Photo: Kheira Morellon

Dear Day Student,
‘Tis the season of icebreakers, introductions, and even…. writing essays, which can be scary for everyone. Being a day student, your commute may be a little – or a lot – different than your peers, which will ultimately change your experience at King’s.
However, do not fear. The Day Students’ Society is here to help you dive into the weird and wonderful community that is known as King’s. Below are DSS tried and true tips for first-year day students, to hopefully help make this hectic time in your life easier.
Student Life Tips:
?Get involved with a society or sport! This is especially helpful because the community is so small, you’ll be sure to see more familiar faces around campus. Speaking of campus, get to know it! Use the library, the Wardroom and the Wilson Common room.
If you’re from the city, flex your knowledge of cute cafes and good off-­campus eats. Then invite your pals to come with you! If you’re travelling with heavy books in your bag, be sure to sign up for a locker! Stash away your readings, throw an extra sweater in there for unexpectedly chilly days, keep some (NON­PERISHABLE) snacks to munch on while you’re working away in our beloved Wardy.
Commuting Tips:
?Bus travel can be long and frustrating, especially in Halifax. Put that time to good use by catching up on FYP readings, listening to podcasts, or chatting with a bus buddy. If you don’t already have the Transit App, be sure to download it ASAP! (The green one with a white squiggle). It updates real time when the next bus will be at your stop.
If your bus route gets you onto campus way before lecture, you can always grab a coffee at the galley, buy breakfast at Prince Hall, or use the microwave and kettle for a bagged breakfast from home (This is a great opportunity to experiment with overnight oats).
Academics Tips:
?Talk to your tutor! If you can’t make their posted office times, TELL THEM and ask if it’s possible to make outside arrangements. If you feel like you know nothing and that you shouldn’t even bother going, that’s more of a reason to, and you’ll discover you are a smarty-pants after all. They’re always, ALWAYS, happy to help!
Also, be sure to hit up study snacks organized by yours truly. It’s a great way to talk through your ideas with upper years, and muck* some good eats (Double stuffed Oreos, popcorn, hummus. Maybe together, maybe not).?
*Muck: /m?k/ ­ To eat good food.
So dear Day Student, may you find your niche, discover bialys, and stay on top of your readings.

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