Get outside! September

New students, welcome to Nova Scotia! Old students, welcome back!
This year I’ve decided to dedicate some time to make sure that King’s students are spending more time outside and with nature.
To do that, I’m forcing myself to get outside more too, giving you first-hand experience of all of the locations I recommend.
So turn off your Netflix, put on your shoes, and go for a walk! Maybe I’ll even see you there.
Peggy’s Cove
This is a staple location to visit when you live in Halifax. Its beautiful scenery and over-priced gift shop/restaurant definitely will give you the nostalgic feel of any tourist trap.  Any photographers or Instagram stars can otherwise rejoice! You’ll never be disappointed with the view, but when taking your selfies, you should prepare for a sudden gust of wind. I also recommend wearing decent shoes so you’re able to climb around on the rocks, and remember your angles! You can’t honestly call yourself a Haligonian without this experience.
Point Pleasant Park
If you’re looking for a location that’s a little bit closer to home, Point Pleasant is definitely the place to go. The park provides beautiful walking paths, beaches and so many puppies that you could die from cuteness. If you’re looking for a place to clear your head or to enjoy some of your reading in the sun, Point Pleasant provides a quiet and serene atmosphere for almost anything. Be warned though, some of the paths include some hills, so be prepared for a little burning in your calves!
Lawrencetown Beach
Fall is going to hit this city fast, and you’re really going to want to soak up summer as much as you can beforehand. Lawrencetown is a Nova Scotian hot-spot for surfing, being credited for one of the best surfing locations in North America. Not the surfing type? You can always enjoy a good swim, get a little bit of a tan or go for a nice beach walk. The beach also overlaps with a part of the Atlantic View Trail. So if you’re feeling up for a bit of a hike, here’s a decent place to start.

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