Get out! October

I’m not sure about you folks, but around this time of year, I’m looking for opportunities to blow off some steam. Rather than doing the regular university student thing – getting too drunk, crying in your prof’s office, binge-watching the new season of Big Mouth on Netflix – going for a light jog in the outdoors is the best way that you can help can clear your mind, and be healthy! So, let’s go for a run together, or – if you’re like me – a fast walk!
The Chain of Lakes Trail
The Chain of Lakes Trail is one of my favourite places in the city to go when I feel like I need to get away. Tucked away in Bayers Lake, this trail is one of the longest you’ll find in the city, allowing for steady running, biking, or walking amongst the fall leaves. This is also a great place to go if you’re looking for a new trail to take your dog, or if you’re wanting some new Insta pics. Make sure to smile!
The Waterfront
Though very popular and populated during the summer months, the Halifax waterfront becomes rather deserted around this time of year. While you’re on your run you’ll be able to reminisce of all the things that once were: the line at Cows for a delicious ice cream cone, the smell of poutine from the Smokes shack, the sound of the lady who is always there playing violin. Be careful though – if you daydream too much you might end up like that guy who accidentally walked into the water!
Dartmouth Harbourwalk Trail
If you’re liking the sounds of a run on the harbour, but the passing of amazing summer memories is too hard to bear, running along the Dartmouth Harbourwalk may be the answer! Just a short ferry ride away, this trail is secluded and quiet, allowing you to have some time with your thoughts. You also get a beautiful view of downtown Halifax on your run, though you may not notice it between all of the beautiful coloured leaves falling at your feet.

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