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Waiting on bay

(Photo: Kheira Morellon)
(Photo: Kheira Morellon)

The tri bays we know and love (Radical, Middle, Chapel) are slated for a facelift over this summer, to the tune of $3 million. 
Director of facilities Alex Doyle says it is “critical that we change the plumbing and sanitary systems.”
Much of the original wiring and sanitary systems are still in place, dating back to the building’s construction in 1928. We should “count ourselves lucky that we haven’t had a major flood,” Doyle said.
Other changes include new hypoallergenic carpeting, new mattresses and furniture – similar to that found in North Pole Bay – and bathroom upgrades. Floor-to-ceiling doors will be installed on showers and toilets, making the bathrooms gender neutral. New eco-friendly showerheads and toilets will also be put in.
One dorm room will be removed on both the second and third floors to make way for larger bathrooms, complete with changing areas adjacent to shower cubicles. 
All the lighting will be LED. Windows in need of repair will be taken care of and re-sealed, and parts of the roof will be redone. 
The heating system will also be upgraded. The existing steam system is difficult to control, taking six hours to reach the set temperature. The new system will be hot water powered and more energy efficient – just like the one in North Pole bay. Individual thermostats will be installed in each room, giving students long overdue control over temperature. 
The proposed changes are in the final stages of drafting. Tenders for the contracts will be called in January, with contracts being awarded in February. 
The goal is to have the majority of the work completed over the summer break. “Once the students are out, it’s all hands on deck,” Doyle said.
Renovations should be complete by September 1, 2019. 
As for who’s footing the bill, dean of students Katie Merwin said fundraising will be a strong source of income. 
Plans for Alex Hall are also in the works, with the main goal being to make it as accessible as possible. While there’s no firm timeline in mind yet, Doyle said the earliest it could happen is three years from now. 
Proposed changes include updating the bathrooms, wiring and plumbing as well as making all floors and rooms accessible to those with mobility issues. New furniture and carpeting would also be in order. 
Doyle estimates all the proposed changes would cost $7 million. 

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