Women Volleyball Game: Feb.6, 2019

Yesterday the King’s Blue Devils women’s volleyball team lost to the visiting Mount Allison Mounties 3-1 in terms of sets.
The game, which was hosted in the Kingdome in Halifax, was an important game for both teams as it appears that the Blue Devils will be facing either the Mounties or the University of New Brunswick Saint John Seawolves.
The game was hard-fought by both teams with the first set being taken by the Blue Devils with the closest score, 25-22.
“Honestly at that point I thought it could go either way,” said Stephen Harvey, one of the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association broadcasters for King’s. “I felt King’s had the capabilities of beating the Mount A Mounties.”
Abby Hourigan, a Blue Devils captain, says that in the first set their passing was good and that they played very well as a team.
The following sets were all won by the Mounties. The final score for the second set was 25-21 and the score for both the third and fourth set was 25-19.
Harvey partly attributes the Mounties’ win in the game to their composure as a team. “[The Mounties] really remained calm even when it seemed that the Blue Devils were coming back.”
Hourigan also commented on how long the game felt, saying, “We just couldn’t get any runs and then we just went point-for-point.” Hourigan also says that that the closeness of the sets tired out the players even more.
The Blue Devils had points in sets two, three and four where it appeared like they would regain some momentum in the match.
“We got really close. We just didn’t peak at the right time,” said Hourigan, who also mentioned that the Blue Devils weren’t able to build up enough momentum for themselves, saying, “We let them get too far ahead.”
“There was one point that I mentioned specifically on the broadcast, where there’s quite a long rally and it seemed that King’s was on the offensive the whole time, just hammering blow after blow towards the Mounties,” said Harvey. “It seemed like the Blue Devils were going to run away with that point and take it, but eventually the Mounties ended up taking the point because they managed to defend; they were scrambling, but they managed to defend time after time in that rally to stay it until the Blue Devils ended up making an error of their own and sending it out of bounds.”
Harvey wants to make clear that this loss wasn’t due to one problem that the Blue Devils had, but he did say, “[The Blue Devils] couldn’t get that consistency that they needed, in terms of points.”
The Blue Devils are now looking towards Friday, where they have a game scheduled at home against the Saint John Seawolves at 8:30 p.m.
“It’s going to be a really big game,” said Hourigan.

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