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February Horoscope!

Pisces: Feb. 20-Mar. 20
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The stars are in constant motion, changing the way they are aligned in relation to us and affecting our moods and perceptions as often as there is motion. And we are incapable of altering their course even if we wanted to. What is often misunderstood in astrology is that if the stars are affecting our personality and our moods then we have no control over it. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. You have always been in control, and always will be. By understanding your own astrological signs and what they mean you can see the direction you may be going and change course if you desire.
Aries: Mar. 21-April 20
As you get older, you may find that your list of things to do is quite literally years old. You were supposed to fix that hole in your shirt two years ago or check out that museum in first year, or read that book. It’s incredible how adept we are at not doing the things we want to or should for years and years. Many young people in Halifax are here for under 10 years, maybe even under five. Make sure your list of things to do in the city doesn’t outlive your time here. Netflix can be watched anywhere; local experiences can not.
Taurus: April 21-May 21
Sometimes the beauty around you becomes so familiar that you can no longer see it. And sometimes the same can occur with yourself. Having spent your entire life in your own company, it takes a conscious effort and some dedicated time to recognize your own beauty. A dark and cold February is as good a time as any to take on the challenge.
Gemini: May 22-June 21
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Every step you take is taking you forward. Sure, you may not be going in the direction that you want, or that you should, but there’s really no such thing as going backwards. Every step takes courage and every step teaches you something. You will have learned something from everything you do whether it’s “Eight is the limit of tequila shots” or “University is not for me.” It may feel like wasted time or a step backward, but figuring out which paths you don’t want to walk down can be just as valuable as determining those you do.
Cancer: June 22-July 22
Forgiveness can be a powerful tool to relieve yourself from the mental energy it takes to hold a grudge. So forgive whoever you might be holding bad thoughts against, even more so if that person is yourself. The other person doesn’t have to know you’ve forgiven them; this is about you, and moving forward with a free mind. You may feel as though this person doesn’t deserve your forgiveness, but you do not deserve to carry the burden of a grudge because of them. Let them go to let yourself free.
Leo: July 23-Aug. 21
The sun is shining; the ocean waves are lapping against the shore; the wind brings the smell of fresh baked bread. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Yes, you were dreaming. But what a wonderful dream to have, if only for some brief moments. If you can dream, it means you can imagine a future where you are happy and imagining that future can bring you through some dark days.
Virgo: Aug. 22-Sept. 23
Not every day can be wonderful. Even the happiest of people will have a day or two or a week or a month where they aren’t happy. This is okay. Your sadness will always be temporary, even when it doesn’t feel like it. It helps sometimes to write down things that make you happy, whether it’s something to do, a song to listen to or a memory that is guaranteed to bring a smile. You can refer to this list when things are not going well and remind yourself to smile. Even a simple note in your phone will do. It’s not about reminiscing in the past but remembering what you did to bring yourself happiness.
Libra: Sept. 24-Oct. 23
For some, February brings with it an intense longing and desire for a partner, as the days are short, dark and cold and companies are bombarding you with messages of everlasting romantic love that you may not have. Thankfully, you do have chocolate and hopefully some sort of love in your life, be it romantic or not. Romantic love is great and all, but the love that holds you and your best friend together is just as amazing–if not more. Sure, it’s cute to see old couples holding hands and imagining them having been together for 40 years, but you know what is so much better?! Two 80+ grandmas drinking beer like they’re 19, laughing like it’s their last breath and making fun of their grandkids for not living it up as much as they do.
Scorpio: Oct.24-Nov. 22
This month shall be one of self discovery, on your own. Try doing things you’d normally do with other people by yourself. Go to the movies alone; get a drink at that bar you’ve always wanted to go to; take a winter hike. Depends on what you like to do of course, but try three things alone that you wouldn’t normally and watch yourself grow as a person.
Sagittarius: Nov. 23-Dec. 22
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Every month brings with it new challenges and opportunities. Sure, you could say that about every day, but the truth is that some days there isn’t really anything changing. It’s the same struggle to motivate yourself to dress up slightly differently. Each month, though, the combinations of all the daily struggles combines itself into a new formation and so every month you are once again faced with overcoming it. This month your struggles will exist within your platonic relationships. Be careful, be wary, but be open to the changing atmospheres of your friendships and fight with everything you have to keep the ones you care about.
Capricorn: Dec. 21-Jan. 20
The month you should be focusing on following a passion of yours that you’ve been neglecting, or determining what things you really are passionate about. This month may be tough, and you may suffer some loss which is why it is even more important to stay busy with something that brings joy and enrichment to your life. It will make anything you go through that much easier.
Aquarius: Jan. 22-Feb. 19
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Aquarius’ are known to be incredibly emotional yet emotionally detached. You feel many emotions very strongly but won’t attach those feelings to another person, which can create a lonely existence if you’re not upfront with people in your life about what they can and can’t expect from you. It’s important to recognize how you react to and deal with different emotions so that you can form good relationships with others and avoid hurting yourself or others in the process.

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