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Study Spots on Campus

(Photo: Jack Wuotila)
(Photo: Jack Wuotila)

It’s midterm season again, and you know what that means: no sleep, no appetite and no motivation!
To help you get out of the house and out of the stacks, I’ve compiled a list of the best places to study across the Dal and King’s campuses.
The Wardy from 4-8pm
As you probably already know, the Wardy makes for a great study spot during the day, but with the Galley brewing, people chatting, and someone pounding away on the piano, it can get pretty loud and distracting.
I’ve found that in the time between the Galley closing and the bar opening, there’s almost no one to be found. Perfect for some quiet study time and grabbing a booth for you and your friends once the drinking begins.
For this study spot you’ll have to be okay with a little noise. Like the Wardy, I’d go a little later in the day, which would allow for it to be a little quieter and there likely won’t be any lines at Mezza.
For me, nothing gets the study juices flowing like a Booster Juice, and having one so close allows for optimal focus and an empty bank account.
The basement of the computer science building
I bet you didn’t know that there’s actually a Second Cup in there, did you?
Okay, maybe you did, but I didn’t!
This is one of the few places on campus that I’ve found to be quiet no matter what time of day it is, and if you don’t actually like Second Cup, you can always walk over for Tim Hortons and get yourself a double-double before the studying begins.
The LSC is probably one of the best places on campus for
Not only does the building have a number of places to get a snack, but it also houses a number of rooms that have been created just to allow people to work.
A lot of them are used for lab work by science students, but as long as you’re quiet you’ll be welcome without a second glance.
Now get out of bed, put on a pair of your favourite and most comfortable sweatpants and get studying! You can do it!
The senior common room
Don’t fear, this room is not only for seniors.
During the day this study spot may be in use by university staff, but is free the rest of the day.
Come here for a cozy atmosphere, a comfy couch, and and a little peace and quiet.

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