Editoral – September 2020

The Watch is undergoing a lot of changes this year. Find out more in this month’s editorial.

Last January, when we had a meeting about changing how The Watch was functioning, we knew the outcome of this meeting would ensure the longevity of the magazine. What we didn’t think of, was the fact that it would allow us to better adapt to 2020’s many trials.

Soon after our online-only pilot project was given a green light, school was fully transferred online. With a brand new website and a great lineup of articles, we cannot wait to start this new school year stronger than ever.

Now, you might be wondering what our plan for this year is. For 2020 we will be publishing our articles exclusively online. This will allow us to pay our contributors more than in previous years while also giving us the opportunity to create new staff positions! To ensure we have enough content for our readers, we are hiring staff reporters. They will have the opportunity to work closely with our editors and see from up close how the magazine works.

Our executive team is made up of all the people that created and polished this project over the last few months. If you are reading this, you are finally admiring the beauty that is our new website. It was designed by our news and feature editors, David Shuman and Alex Johnson. David was our 2019-2020 online editor and Alex our 2019-2020 treasurer. They worked all summer to make sure this would be the best possible website for our community. I am biased on this subject, but I LOVE it!!! 

The rest of our team is our 2019-2020 editors-in-chief! Sam Rainnie is back as our publisher. And myself, Kheira Morellon. I am honoured to be your editor-in-chief one last time before leaving the cozyness of our beautiful King’s quad. 

If there is one thing I can be sure of—in a year full of uncertainty—it is that our team is ready to make The Watch the best it can possibly be. 

Like always, we love chatting with you about stories. 

As for incoming students, we look forward to representing and working with you in your first year at King’s! 

To our fellow classmates, let’s make this year the best possible!



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