Photo Essay: King’s through the eyes of a First-Year

Being a new student at King’s, I took on the task of documenting the life in residence for a couple of weeks. The following pictures are a record of the life of a first-year student– in only three weeks I have gone to dozens of lectures, a climate strike, a concert in the quad and in the Wardy, a soccer game where King’s won, the beautiful library, and many other activities.

Staying at King’s has been a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to capturing more moments of which resident life is so good at producing.

A Day At King’s:

The Arts and Administration Building faces the College’s flag, the Canadian flag, the Nova Scotian flag, and the Mi’kmaq flag.

First-year Program students attend a lecture in the Alumni Hall at the New Academic Building.

Students study in the King’s library.

Students perform in an open-mic hosted in The Wardy after a day’s work.

An Afternoon in Halifax:

Students attend and participate in a climate strike at Victoria Park.

The King’s women’s soccer team plays a match at the Dalhousie turf.

The King’s men’s basketball practices at the Muir Gymnasium.

Students attend an outdoor concert at the King’s quad.

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