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In the Dead of Winter: Photo essay

In the Dead of Winter is a unique festival experience that prioritizes songwriters. This doesn’t only manifest in the feel of the festival, but also in the physical presentation of the artists on stage. Some were used to performing alone, while others admitted openly into the microphone that they felt bare onstage without others behind […]

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Review: Everyman

The KTS’s production of Everyman screams of the holy trinity to the sound of Mladic by God Speed You! Black Emperor. The play takes a classic script from the 16th century and thrusts it, largely unaltered, into modern theatre. The story follows Everyman (Katie Lawrence) as she is confronted by Death (Ezra Tennen) and must […]

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King's musician Bella Larsen releases new single

  Cara, a new single from Bella Larsen, is a grieving exhale — a lamentation over a loved one that is articulate, powerful and serene. The song is a lyrical character sketch steeped in introspection that spares no detail of someone who is still so alive in Larsen’s thoughts. The track opens instrumentally with plucked […]

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From dorm room to Wardroom

Chipped, dried body paint peeled from Ezra Tennen’s face as stage lights followed their descent onto his guitar. The lights fade from pink to a yellowish green as Ezra looks to his left at his bandmate Chris Oliver carving out a pulse with his cajon. They exchange a contagious smile before Ezra’s lips are back […]