Features In Focus

Shedding Light

As the days get colder and shorter, many students find themselves with a case of the winter blues. Feeling down is a natural response to not getting outside as much, but for some, it can be much more severe. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a mood disorder that occurs during the fall and winter […]


An Accessible Campus

The King’s Student Union is taking steps towards providing better accessibility to students with disabilities on campus. Every year, the KSU hires a union hired position (UHP). The UHP holds the job for one year, and is tasked to undertake a certain project to help the campus. In the past, these projects have centred around […]

Arts & Culture

Inside One of the Largest Societies at King's

The cast of All My Sons starts their rehearsal with vocal warm ups, buzzing air through their lips and reciting tongue twisters of increasing difficulty. Then, they launch into a scene. It is only their second rehearsal, and the energy is high.  Set in the early 1940’s, All My Sons tells the true story of […]