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FYP lectures to look forward to

As an upper-year student, the urge to redo the Foundation Year Programme (FYP) has followed me throughout my undergraduate degree. The nagging feeling that I just didn’t get something, the desire to go back and spend more time with texts that intrigued me the first time around – and perhaps a bit of masochism on […]


Getting back on (tenure) track

The increased use of contract faculty is a currently widespread problem in North American universities, and King’s is not immune to it. However, with recent changes in leadership here at King’s, there’s hope that change is in the air. Universities across the continent have been using short-term contract positions – rather than tenure positions – […]


A response to 'Deplorable: How I came to cast my vote for Trump'

This is a response to an op-ed published on the Watch titled “Deplorable: How I came to cast my vote for Trump“. I’d like to respond to Kyril Wolfe’s op-ed, “Deplorable: How I came to vote for Trump”, and the backlash the Watch got from publishing it. I want to start with some personal background, […]

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Concussed Campus: University life is more dangerous than you think

University students require healthy brains to cope with the heavy workload and intellectual challenges of university life. Awareness of concussions in sports has increased in the past few years. However, concussions that happen in the university environment receive less attention, sometimes with consequences for students. According to the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia, concussions […]