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Books be gone?

She’s cute, organized and here to ruin your life: Marie Kondo wants you to get rid of your books. Kondo is an author who was previously best known for penning the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a bestseller that explains Kondo’s method of cleaning up your house, and inevitably, your life. It […]

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No-Thanks November

  At the beginning of this month, I pitched an idea to my radio class: people were taking to social media to do challenges in November. Why?  That idea sparked interest in making a podcast about November, the neglected, rejected and (probably) dejected month.  November has a reputation as an ugly month, and it lacks […]


Bookings podcast bringing new life to bookstore

The King’s bookstore podcast Bookings isn’t just bringing friendly, bookish conversations to King’s: the show is also bringing awareness to the bookstore’s existence, while boosting sales in the process. The bookstore has been at King’s 11 years, but according to manager Paul MacKay, many Haligonians still don’t know it exists. And unlike most university bookstores, […]

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Something old and something new

New King’s librarian Jennifer Adams is hoping to make students more aware of the library’s resources so that they can be more accessible. One of the main resources the library has to offer is Adams herself, and she wants to be available to help students both one-on- one and in the classroom. “There wasn’t as much teaching […]