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Infringement Festival: The Best of the Fest

The votes have been counted, and the results are in!
Art Class
Performed on Tuesday and Thursday nights, this after school special hit the stage again for another glass of wine while deliberating over what art is and isn’t. One possible answer is that art is “unadulterated self-expression drawn from personal experiences,” (it’s also usually pretty). These characters find an unlikely friendship; although very different from one another, both are outsiders in their own way, allowing their connection to be formed.
Is This Me? – A Single Girl’s Struggle
This stirring play captures the turbulent emotions of a girl battling depression and anxiety, while coming to terms with her recent breakup. The strength of the character is obvious in her willingness to help herself get better. This play is like a slice of life, when you get pot pie when you were expecting strawberry rhubarb. It strikes a chord in the viewer, and reminds them to keep their chin up; summed up best with the closing lines, “this is me, moving on.”
Blackbird, Oh Blackbird
Whether seeing it for the first time or the third, this fan favourite is sure to invoke laughter. With animated expression, these actors brought their A-game for the final night of the 2017 King’s Infringement Festival. The minimal set draws attention to the actors, and their pink and blue blazers add a pop of colour to the stage, attracting the eye so that you never miss any action. The banter between Poe and Byron draws attention to the interesting topic of what the modern reader prefers to consume, and how an author can adapt to their audience while staying true to their values.
Heaven for Scholars
This play is an accurate representation of the turmoil in a student’s head when trying to meet a deadline for a paper. From writer’s block to self-doubt back to remembering why you’re pursuing your degree, this play captures the stages of “Paper Panic” that every student has gone through or will go through (and if you say you haven’t, then you’re lying.) Utilization of these contrasting character types are the core of the play, and serve as a reminder that “a bit of anxiety is good for motivation, but too much equals chaos.”
Not Snake Oil Peddlers
Some sketch comedy tops off the show, leaving the audience with split seams before they wander out of the theatre. These skits utilize various types of humour, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer slapstick or wordplay, these sketches by the Julias have got it all: unique characters, misinterpretations and finally providing an answer as to why the chicken crossed the road.
It’s understandable why these plays made it to the final night of the King’s 2017 Infringement Festival; their witty dialogue and cleverly written storylines are engaging, and often quite humorous. Although each play is unlike any other, they come together to create an entertaining night in The Pit, sure to whet the audience’s appetite for more. Every show’s cast and crew should give themselves a pat on the back and buy one another a drink to toast this successful student showcase.

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